Brief description of property verification:

When you are buying

It is good to know that a property meets your requirements before travelling to France. You can make your house hunting more cost effective by employing the services of a local FPS inspector.

The inspector knows your requirements, visits the property, checks the sales information, collects additional information, and then reports his findings to you. You can then decide if a visit is worthwhile.

When you are selling

Improve the chances of selling your French property. Make sure that buyers trust the information that you provide. Invite one of our local inspectors to visit your property and he will not only certify that your sales information is correct, he will also collect additional information that may be of interest to any buyer. You can make all the relevant information available to any serious buyer.

Detailed description

When you are buying

In general, house hunting is not cost effective at all. Viewing properties is very time consuming and relatively expensive.

Have you seen a French property advertised that you find interesting? You do not want to waste your time and money visiting a property that does not meet your expectations and requirements.

A local FPS inspector can investigate for you if it seems to be what you are looking for. He knows your ‘shopping list’ and will call you during his visit to discuss his findings with you and allow you to ask any additional questions. If you decide that the property is of interest, the inspector will collect additional information and take photos to help you to visualise the property and its surroundings from the comfort of your own home.

The inspector will produce a report that shows:

  • his impression of the general condition of the property
  • if the sales information is correct and complete
  • the location of the property, including its surroundings
  • the living conditions in and around the house
  • hidden problems such as traffic, noise, farms, unpleasant odours, etc.
  • the local infrastructure and amenities
  • any local development plans (approved and/or applied for)
  • local taxes

The inspector will collect this information from local authorities, neighbours, etc. This ensures that he gets an overall image of what living in the property would be like.

FPS has property inspectors throughout France.

Please note:
The inspector carries out a general inspection, i.e. this is not a technical survey of the French property.

When you are selling

Many buyers do not trust the information that sellers and estate agents provide about properties. Buyers may become even more suspicious when the description of a property is too positive.

This makes your position as a seller very difficult. How do you attract a buyer and convince him that the information you provide is reliable and to the point?

FPS offers the solution by offering Property Authenticity Certificates. Every property of which FPS has approved the sales information and collected additional information about the surrounding area may be advertised with this certificate.

Buyers now know that the available information about your property depicts the reality. They also know that you are keen to be honest, not only about your property but also about its location.

Buyers who you believe are entitled to read more about your property can be given a link to the FPS webpage where that information is made available. This will significantly increase your chances to sell your property.

Please note that the inspection for the FPS PAC is not a technical survey. The report contains no statements about the current technical condition of the property.