Brief description of our home buyer inspection:

The purpose of this inspection is to help you decide whether to go ahead with the purchase of the property that you have found in France. A qualified surveyor will inspect and value the property for you. His Property Purchase Report provides information about

  • the general condition of the property
  • any repairs or modifications the property needs
  • the surveyor’s opinion of its market value

You can now assess the possible technical and financial consequences that you face if you purchase the property. This information is vital as it should determine how much you are prepared to pay for the property.

Detailed description

Whether you are considering buying a house or a property that consists of a main building and several outbuildings, an apartment or a château, you surely want to know what an expert’s opinion is of the general condition of the property.

The surveyor will inspect the property and his Property Purchase Report provides you with the relevant information you need to be able to make a reasoned decision whether to go ahead with the next phase of the purchase process. Only a fully qualified and independent surveyor can produce a report that you know you can trust.

The Home Buyer Inspection is a thorough visual inspection of the inside and outside of the main house, and of any permanent outbuildings, if present. This includes checking the underside of the roof, providing the surveyor’s access is not obstructed by stored goods, insulation materials or other contents. The surveyor will use binoculars and perhaps a strong torch to check the condition of roofs, walls and chimneys. He may even inspect the property from a neighbouring public building, if such a building is present of course.

The surveyor will not lift carpets and fabrics, remove insulation material, open cupboards, move furniture or boxes around, or do anything else that the owner could find intrusive or cause damage. You will be able to read in the Property Purchase Report what parts of the property, which would normally be included in the inspection, could not be checked.

The surveyor inspects parts of the electrical system, gas/oil heating system, water and drainage systems that are accessible, but will not test them. The condition of the inside of any chimney, boiler or other flues cannot be assessed.

The surveyor uses condition ratings to describe the main parts of property in his Property Purchase Report.

Condition rating 3

Serious defects or defects that need urgent replacement or investigation.

Condition rating 2

Defects that are not considered serious or urgent but still need to be repaired or replaced.

Condition rating 1

Repairs are not necessary. The advice is to maintain the property in the normal way.

The surveyor may suggest some maintenance and remedial repairs but does not give advice how these repairs should be carried out. He also does not report on the cost of repairs and you may find out that some of these repairs could be expensive. It is recommended however that you seriously consider the surveyor’s suggestions as defects described under Condition ratings 3 and 2 must be dealt with or they may affect the value of the property.