Structural survey and after-survey support:

Brief description:

The surveyor inspects the property that you consider buying and assists you with any technical questions after you have purchased that property.

In addition to the Structural Survey, the surveyor will

  • provide an indication of the cost of urgent and long term remedial repair
  • check quotes that you receive from suppliers for remedial repair
  • answer your technical questions (by telephone, for one month after the Survey Report has been issued)
  • assist you with technical issues related to the renovation or restoration of the property

Detailed description

The structural survey report informs you about the condition of the property and the major remedial repairs that are required. Perhaps that is all you need but wouldn’t it be great if you could make use of the surveyor’s detailed knowledge of the property combined with his technical expertise and experience. The surveyor can point you in the right direction and provide you with support. Through this the most common risks will be eliminated.

Your decision whether or not to buy the property probably also depends on the costs of the remedial repairs. The surveyor will identify which urgent and long-term repairs are necessary. He will give an independent and objective indication of the costs of these repairs. If you find the costs of these repairs acceptable and you decide to purchase the property, you may want to instruct an artisan to carry out these repairs.

Unfortunately, this is how the most common problems are introduced. Who are the artisans that you allow to work for you?

  • How do you know that the artisans you employ are true professionals?
  • Are you really able to effectively check the references they provide?
  • Are they sufficiently qualified, insured and registered?
  • Will they follow the proper procedures?
  • Is it obvious that they fully understand the work that needs to be carried out?
  • Is their suggested approach or solution suitable?
  • Are the materials that they suggest appropriate?
  • Is the price that they quote reasonable?
  • Do they appear trustworthy?

The decision which artisan to use remains yours but the surveyor can help you select the right artisans. He can check what the artisans are offering (technically and financially) and will inform you which of the artisans and quotations he considers best, and why.

Are you thinking of buying a property that you are going to completely renovate or restore? Why not invite the surveyor to discuss the outlines of your plans with you? He will give you his objective and honest opinion about the feasibility of your ideas. He can indicate some of the risks that you run if you decide to go ahead. You may not like what you hear but at least you will be warned well in advance.

You will probably have many technical questions after you have become the owner of a French property. FPS gives you the opportunity to ask an expert these questions. In most cases, the answer will be provided by the surveyor who has inspected your property. He knows the property and can give you the specific answers you need.

Details of the service that will be provided will be discussed with you as and when appropriate.